Tanzan Jinja Shrine(Tonomine, Sakurai City)

Tanzan Jinja Shrine is located in Tonomine, Sakurai City.
It is most famous for their autumn foliage but the cherry blossom season, green lush summer season and the snowy winter seasons are also breathtakingly beautiful.

Mitarai Valley Hiking Course

Mitarai Valley Hiking Course is about 7.4 kilometers and about 2 hours long. There is a path with a suspended bridge, clear water river, beautiful waterfall which is a spectacular view. The hiking course ends at Dorogawa Onsen Center so you can relax and rejuvenate in the onsen (hot springs).

Kemari Festival

The shrine played an important part in Japanese history, when Nakatomi No Kamatari met with Prince Naka No Oe at a game of Kemari (similar to soccer), it led to the Taika Reforms. And for that, Tanzan Jinja Shrine holds a Kemari Festival in April and November every year.

Kemari Experience

Tanzan Jinja Shrine holds a Kemari Experience.
10am-3pm Reservation Needed
2,000 YEN per person, 10,000 YEN per group if there are less than 4 people in a group.

About Tanzan Jinja Shrine

NameTanzan Jinja Shrine
Phone numberTEL:0744-49-0001
Opening oursOpen from 8:30am-4:30pm (Last Entry)
Closed At 5pm