1.Collection and Use of Personal Information

LUKES will identify and clarify the collection and use of personal information as much as possible.
The use of personal information will be limited within the scope of the purpose of use by limited personnel who have authority for specific business use.

2.Security and Storage of Personal Information

In order to protect the personal information we collect, our company will appropriately protect and implement security measures and we will make efforts to prevent the loss, destruction, falsification of data and data breach of personal information.
When we entrust an external company to process personal information, our company will sign a necessary contract and supervise accordingly.

3.Providing Personal Information

In principle our company will not provide personal information to third parties without your consent, except in the following cases:
*Based on the laws and regulations
*When providing disclosed information but cannot identify the individual
*When cooperation is necessary to provide information to government organization, local government entities or persons entrusted with business affairs under the provisions of laws and regulations.
*When providing documents to public office relating to the conduct of business.

4.Disclosure, Discontinuation of Service and Deleting Personal Information

We will promptly respond to requests made regarding disclosure,, discontinuation of service and deleting personal information upon proof of your identity, except when laws and ordinances or business refusal are permitted.

5.Revision of the Personal Information Protection Policy

Depending on changes in the social situation, technological advancements and various environmental changes, our company may change our privacy policy without prior notice.


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For contents where terms of services is provided, usage is allowed after carefully reading our terms of service.

7.Storage of Personal Information

Please responsibly manage and store your sign-in information and password without disclosing it to a third party. When a password is entered and it is consistent with the registered password, we will assume it was entered by the registered user., therefore we will not be responsible for any resulting failure from theft and fraud even when for some reason a third party accesses your account.


Careful attention is paid by our company when providing contents to our website, but if and when any damages occur when visiting our website, we will not be f responsible for any damages.

9.Third-Party Links

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Please use the third-party links accordingly with their service conditions.
We are not responsible for any damages that may occur by using third-party links.
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Questions and Concerns

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