Satsuki Bonsai Experience

[Nara] Kashihara

World renowned Satsuki (Azalea) Bonsai Master will teach you the history and art of Bonsai.


Per Person$29

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DetailsTake advantage of this prestigious opportunity and learn from the world renowned Satsuki Master, Suisho Nakayma.
DurationDuration of the Satsuki Bonsai Experience is about 60-90 minutes.
Additional NotesDuring winter times it may get very cold in the main gallery where this experience takes place. Warm clothes are a must.


About satsuki
Satsuki Azalea is a cultivar group of azaleas extensively cultivated by the Japanese.
Satsuki Azaleas have a wide range of flower forms and color patterns even appearing on a single plant. Satsuki blooms from May to June. There are thousands of different varieties such as Chinzan, Kaho and Hakurei among them. 
Master Suisho Nakayama
Master Suisho Nakayama was born in Yamato Takata, Nara Prefecture, Japan. At the age of 16 he selected the field of Satsuki Bonsai as his speciality. He has dedicated his life work to his beloved Satsuki Azaleas. He has served as Executive Director of Japan Satsuki Association, Director of Western Japan Satsuki Research Institute and is Master/Lecturer of the Japan Bonsai Association. He has traveled the world extensively to share his knowledge and his teachings worldwide.
Please keep in mind that we may not be able to accept your preffered reservation dates due to venue circumstances.