Tsuruya Geisha Experience In Nara City

"Geiko's will entertain you with shamisen and traditional Japanese dance."


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"Last year was Tsuruya's 5th anniversary since ""Kikuno""
took over the teahouse from her aunt. Kikuno is a famous Geiko in Nara. Geisha and Geiko are the same, naming depends on the region where they perform. Kikuno provides the guests the best hospitality, best atmosphere and gratitude."Kikuno provides a relaxing and healing place with the best sake in Nara and the most beautiful china to accentuate the artistic Japanese food.

Geiko, Kikuno
Kikuno trained in Nara, some of her training including
nagauta, shamisen, Japanese dance, calligraphy, tea ceremony, Japanese flower arrangement. She became a Maiko (which is a younger version of Geisha) at teahouse Tsuruya and in1996 she made her debut as a Geisha. Currently she travels throughout Japan as well as the world to talk about the world of Geisha and the hospitality culture Japan is so proud and famous for.